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Gatlinburg Streetscape and Utilities Undergrounding Surveying

Gatlinburg Streetscape and Utilities Undergrounding Surveying
Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Testimonials, Impacts, Accomplishments: 2013 Grand Award Winner - Special Projects | American Council of Engineering Companies - Tennessee

Underground Utilities

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country – Gatlinburg, Tennessee – wanted a streetscape to match the beautiful context of the Great Smoky Mountains in which it is nestled. The unsightly overhead utilities interfered with the vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains that surround the city. Those utilities needed to be placed underground, sewer and gas lines needed to be replaced, and sidewalks and roadways revamped to better handle the 30,000 people that swell the town during each peak season day.

Multi-phase Surveying and Scanning

In three phases of the multi-phase project, Barge Waggoner prepared a topographic survey of the site including all above-ground features (including building doorways) and below-grade features such as utilities that could be reasonably identified. The crews surveyed the area between building faces from one side of the street to the other. The 3D laser scanner was used to capture millions of data points to aid in measurements. 

Utility Surveys

Barge Waggoner performed courthouse research and field work necessary to identify property lines and rights-of-way along the Parkway in the project area. Utility surveys were performed that included visible appurtenances, markings by others, and evaluation of available as-built utility plans. The surveying established the beginning of the streetscaping of Gatlinburg that has resulted in a more beautiful town, uncluttered views of the surrounding mountains, and a more pedestrian-friendly venue.