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Office of Secure Transportation Command Center

Department of Energy Secure Office Facility
Location: Amarillo, Texas

Special Office Space Design

The Office of Secure Transportation Command Center is not the “average office building”. The facility is the new home for National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) couriers who were previously housed in various other areas of the Pantex Plant. The Pantex Plant is tasked with three missions: stewardship of nuclear weapons stockpiles, nonproliferation, and safeguards and security. The Command Center facility includes offices, training areas, conference rooms, a data center, locker rooms, and an armory.

Barge Waggoner, working with Anthony & Gordon in a design-build team, delivered architectural, mechanical, and fire protection engineering services.  In addition to its use and level of security, the building was unique in that it was designed to meet the Department of Energy National Phenomena Hazards Performance Category PC-1 and the Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.

Total Facility Package

In a separate yet similar project, Barge Waggoner provided full design services for the total facility package for the Transportation Safeguards Center for the NNSA Office of Agent Operations at the Oak Ridge Department of Energy facility. Like the facility at Pantex, it was a secure office facility built to house couriers and is comprised of offices, conference rooms, training rooms, an armory, a data center, and locker rooms. The Transportation Safeguards Center was also designed under tight security and to meet the same building standards. Both projects were completed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.