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iRis Networks Data Center

Mission Critical Data Center Design
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Room to Grow

iRis Networks was growing and as a result, they needed to expand and upgrade the mission-critical infrastructure for their data center in Nashville. Barge Waggoner conducted a preliminary engineering feasibility study for mechanical and electrical infrastructure expansion, working closely with iRis Networks’ internal engineering group.

Mission Critical Data Center Design

The findings of the study were accepted and BWSC designed the solutions recommended. The solution package included installation of a new generator system, diesel fuel tank, and transfer switch. The design re-fed the existing load from the new switch and doubled the load capacity.

The network equipment room enjoyed replacement and upgrade of the AC system to computer room-grade equipment compatible with the electrical additions to provide a more stable environment. The network operations control room also received HVAC services additions and a doubling of the battery capacity for the equipment room.