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Pinnacle Financial Partners Data Centers

Pinnacle Financial Center Data Center
Location: Middle Tennessee

Mission Critical Facilities

Pinnacle Financial Partners needed two data centers in two existing bank buildings in the middle Tennessee area. Both data centers were to be functionally the same and accommodate similar hardware and equipment. They both had to provide raised floor computer room space and fit a minimum of 20 racks. They also had to have fire protection systems, Emergency Power Off systems, and backup power. Each facility also had to have monitoring systems for underfloor leaks and grounding, plus monitoring of critical equipment systems and branch circuits. And these data centers were needed quickly.

Fast-track Delivery

Barge Waggoner compressed the project schedules to three months, specifying long-lead equipment to be purchased. We also issued an early general contractor selection package to allow early demolition and general work to be done while design was being completed.

At the Murfreesboro facility, a 1,000-SF basement storage room was converted to a data center, freeing up space in other parts of the building for growth and expansion. At the Mt. Juliet facility, a basement training room about the same size was converted to a data center, but the entire facility's power distribution system was upgraded simultaneously. Both projects included electrical short circuit, coordination, and arc-flash studies  and commissioning specifications for critical systems.