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NASA Building 4207 - Marshall Space Flight Center

NASA Mission Critical Facility
Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Ground Support Mission

When the computer system goes down for most businesses, it can mean a loss of revenue and productivity. If it happens to NASA, it could be an even bigger problem. Building 4207 at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is critically important to ground support for launch vehicles and systems. The building houses telecommunications, computer networks, and satellite communications – functions that must always be available and have strong fail-safes, especially during a mission.

Redundant and Reliable

Barge Waggoner designed a solution to bring the building’s mechanical and electrical infrastructure up to NASA’s required reliability and performance levels. The solution was a design that is fully redundant and concurrently maintainable, allowing power to be shut down to one system, while vital systems are supported by the redundant system. HVAC redundancy was part of the design since the data center equipment was temperature-sensitive. With Barge Waggoner’s construction sequencing and switchover coordination efforts, the entire system was implemented in one weekend.