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North Dixie Drive

North Dixie Drive, Dayton, Ohio
Location: Dayton, Ohio

Traffic Flow and Safety of Key Arterial Road

North Dixie Drive is a critical road in the Dayton, Ohio area. Parallel to Interstate 75, this minor urban arterial road supports traffic if an incident occurs on the interstate. North Dixie Drive traverses numerous municipalities and is flanked by multiple businesses and residences. Several years ago, Montgomery County, Ohio undertook a multi-phased initiative to widen North Dixie Drive in order to improve flow and safety of the roadway.

Civil Design and Transportation Solutions

Barge Waggoner has been involved in the design of several phases, which have consisted of widening the existing two- or three-lane road to five lanes with supplemental storm sewer, curb and gutter, and sidewalks. The vertical alignment of Dixie Drive has been designed to minimize the impact to adjacent properties. Barge Waggoner studied driveway access and eliminated multiple access points along with relocating some driveways to better align with driveways on the opposite side of the roadway.

Engineering Coordination

Multiple stakeholders are involved in the North Dixie Drive projects including the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the City of Vandalia, the Montgomery County Engineers Office, Harrison Township, and Butler Township. The public also plays a large role in the success of the project and Barge Waggoner has worked with stakeholders and landowners to provide information, deal with right-of-way issues, answer questions, and create a sense of cooperation. In addition, we worked with other consultants who were involved with adjacent, concurrent transportation projects and the county’s right-of-way consultant and environmental consultant.