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Disaster Recovery Assistance

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Emergency Engineering Response

Barge Waggoner is a part of our local communities. On multiple occasions, we have been privileged to provide fast-response engineering support for disaster recovery assistance to communities and clients impacted by natural disasters. Our engineers have provided structural assessments and evaluations of building safety following tornado outbreaks and we have staff members trained in FEMA 154 Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazards and Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluations of Buildings. We also have experience working with municipalities in flood mitigation efforts to bring infrastructure back to functionality rapidly.

Structural Engineering Assessment Assistance

A good example of Barge Waggoner disaster response is our action after the record tornado outbreak in the South on April 27, 2011. An unprecedented 173 tornadoes touched down across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi that day. One of the most severely hit towns was Ringgold, Georgia, just a few miles from the Barge Waggoner Chattanooga office.

Immediately following the storm, our office manager in Chattanooga rapidly contacted the Catoosa Georgia County Commission to offer any assistance and within four hours, Barge Waggoner had three structural engineers, pulled from several Barge Waggoner offices, onsite in Ringgold. The team provided the Building Commissioner with a ready-made team of inspectors to assist in building damage evaluation. They spent several days evaluating over 40 structures in downtown Ringgold to determine if buildings were safe to reenter temporarily for recovery efforts.

Barge Waggoner provided disaster response to multiple clients in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia following that particular outbreak. We also worked with Metro Nashville Water Services on flood mitigation efforts following the May 2010 Flood of Record. Whether it is structural assessment, seismic event hazard evaluations, or flood mitigation actions, Barge Waggoner can rapidly assist in recovery efforts.