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Construction Engineering and Inspection - TDOT

Construction Engineering and Inspection - TDOT
Location: Overton County, Tennessee

Compliance Monitoring

Barge Waggoner provides construction engineering and inspections for a $15 million roadway and bridge construction project conducted by the Tennessee Department of Transportation in Overton County. Under the contract, we monitor the contractors' compliance with engineering plans and specifications while also tracking documentation for state and federal funding.

Contractors and Subcontractors 

Our engineers attend preconstruction conferences, provide construction inspection and erosion control inspection, and coordinate speciality subconsultants. The project involves field surveying, materials testing, inspection, documentation tracking, and quantity documentation and pay estimate preparation. We review shop drawings and coordinate the specialty subcontractors involved in the project who provide various services such as materials testing and erosion control inspection. 


Barge Waggoner surveyors conduct original, final, and progress estimate quanitites for payment on all earthwork pay items. They establish vertical controls for construction layout, and check layout as necessary.