Railspur Design

Railspur at-grade crossing
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Industrial Rail Transportation Access Design

Barge Waggoner has designed multiple railspurs over the years for different industrial clients. Whether moving materials, commodities, or finished products, rail is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. A good example of our work is the project we conducted for Metals Management, a metals recyling operation. We provided surveying, permitting, and design services for this fast-track 1,275-foot industrial rail spur.

Civil Design Considerations

The location was unique and required a special exception from CSX Transportation to allow a tangent runoff for the spur track with the branch line continuing along the curve of the turnout. The client required minimizing changes to the site drainage system and water quality basin, realignment of a security fence, matching load elevation with available equipment and CSX's clearance requirements, and positioning the spur at the far end of the site operations area. The project included a concrete roadway crossing, a double-switch derail, 136-pound rail, and storage for six gondola rail cars.